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Dr Arun Kumar A

(Professor and HOD)

Dr Ranjini Kotancheri

( Unit chief)

Dr Bindu S

( Unit chief)

Dr Prasanna kumari C

Dr Padma B Prabhu

Dr Sandhya Somasundaran

Dr Babitha V 

Dr Silni Chandra

Dr Ferzana Mohammed

Dr Charmaine Bridgette Solomon

Dr Aparna Ravi

Dr Anu Bhaskar 

Dr Sanaa Mohammed K



Specialty Clinics

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All days



All days



All days



All Days



All Days






All days



Dr Arun Kumar , Professor and HOD


Dr Ranjini Kotancheri ,  Professor

Dr Bindu S , Professor


Dr Prasannakumari C , Professor






Paramedical Staff

    1. Mahamood A S         -          Health Educator

    2. Sunitha G K.              -        Health Inspector 

    3. Mohammed M.P. - Refractionist

    4. Sona Komalam         -          Refractionist

    5. Bijisha A M - -        Optometrist 

    6. Darsana Mohanan.    -        Optometrist 

    7. Beenakumari. C.K - Lab Technician

    8. Remmya. S - Eye Counsellor

    9. Sanal Kumar            -           Driver

    10. Saharbanath           - Staff Nurse


Departmental activities


Academic activities and Courses conducted in the Dept. of Ophthalmology


 M.B.B.S 5th and 7th semester – 1 month posting

Clinics, case discussion, theory classes, tutorials, seminars, posting examination

PG: MS Ophthalmology 9 students  /    year

      Daily case discussion

Journal club every month

Seminar every week

Hands on training in OT

Grand rounds

Guidance for thesis

Academic Program-Eye Vista (special talk sessions integrating other 

Departments) Monthly once 



DOA                 -       10 students per year – 2 yr course

Theory classes, Refraction posting, Clinical posting

BSc Optometry    -    22 students / year – 4 year course

BSc Nursing              Clinical posting, Operation theater , ward posting


The department provides outpatient services to 250 - 300 patients daily and manages more than 80 inpatients .The department has 13 fully qualified consultants , 2 senior residents , 27 junior residents with 24 hour casualty and 24 hour emergency surgeries being carried out.

Speciality Clinics 

Vitreo- Retina Clinic-

Diagnostic Facilities -
1. Optical Coherence Tomography

2. Fundus Flurescein Angiography

3. Ultrasonography

4. Visually Evoked Potential

5. Fundus autoflourescence

6. OCT Angiography

7. Non- mydriatic fundus camera


Therapeutic Facilities -
1. Multi Spot Laser Photocoagulator

2. Retinal cryotherapy

Surgical Facilities –

1 .Vitreoretinal surgeries

2. Retinal Detachment Surgery - Scleral Buckling

3.Intravitreal bevacizumab Injection 

4.  Intravitreal Triamcinolone  Injection 

5 Posterior subtenon injection

Glaucoma Clinic

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Facilities Available -

1. Humphrey’s Automated Perimeter

2. Optical Coherence Tomography

3. Nd Yag Laser

4. Pachymeter

5. Applanation Tonometer

6. Cyclo cryo therapy

7. Diode laser photocoagulator

8. Anterior segment OCT

Surgical Treatment – Trabeculectomy with & without Mitomycin, Revision Trabeculectomy, Trabelectomy with releasable sutures

Cornea Clinic

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Facilities Available 

1. Corneal Topography

2. Specular Microscope

3. Eye Bank Specular Microscope

4. Slit Lamp Photography

5. Ultra biomicroscopy

6. Anterior segment OCT

Surgical Facilities -

1. Penetrating keratoplasty

2.Corneal Collagen Cross linking

3.Eye Bank Facility is available round the clock

Squint & Pediatric Ophthalmology

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Facilities Available -
1. Prism Bar
2. Synaptophore​​
3. HOTV, Cambridge Card (Single Optotype & Multiple)
4. RAF Rule, Maddox Rod, Maddox Wing
5. Baggolini’s Striated Glasses

Squint Clinic- Surgical Procedures for correction of squint are carried out here.

Cataract Services

Cataract surgery has been a part of the services provided by the Department of Ophthalmology since its inception. 

Facilities available
1. Phacoemulsification with foldable IOL
2. Small Incision Cataract Surgery with IOL implantation
3. Nd YAG laser
4. Specular microscopy
All types of cataract surgeries including complex cataract surgeries 


Through  mobile ophthalmic unit we aim at making eye care available for the rural population. Patients will be screened for various eye diseases like cataract ,glaucoma ,diabetic retinopathy and refractive errors .We also conduct school screening camps .



    • Alumni Oration by Dr. Padma B. Prabhu on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of 37th batch held in August 2018

    • Dr. Indu. B Narayanan, Dr. Hasna Hussain secured first prize in PG Gold medal Exam 2018 organized by August Ophthalmica, KSOS.

    • Dr. Parvathy and Dr. Jincy got first prize in KSOS quiz competition in 2018

    • A Short film “Moonnam Mizhi” for creating awareness on Eye donation was released on World Sight Day – Oct. 11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thnmq4dMmLw

    • Dr. Detty First prize in Quiz 2021

    • Dr. Jincy- Gold medal in PG exam 2020

    • Dr. Naseera First rank in DO exam 2020

    • Dr. Shirin – second rank in DO exam 2020

    • Dr S Mohandas award in glaucoma Ksos 2021- Dr Ferzana Mohammed 


    • Dr Sandhya Somasundaran got first prize in SPOSI quiz 2023







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Presentations in CME & Conference

  1. Uveitis in children- Dr. Suma U. KSOS 2018

  2. Diffuse Unilateral Subacute Neuro retinitis- Dr.Jyothi P.T. , KSOS 2018

  3. Clinical and Radiological evaluation of Ocular Trauma- Dr. Padma B. Prabhu, KSOS 2018

  4. Approach to painful eye –Dr. Ranjini K. KSOS 2018

  5. Acute Visual loss- What not to miss- Dr. Charmaine B. Solomon KSOS 2018

  6. Traumatic Optic Neuropathy- Dr. Babitha V, CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  7. Corneoscleral Wound repair Techniques- Dr. Jyothi P.T. CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  8. Glaucoma in Trauma- Dr. Ranjini K. CME 2019-Update on OcularTrauma

  9. Extreme Scenarios- Dr. Padma Prabhu CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  10. Primary Evaluation of Ocular Trauma – Dr. Padma B. Prabhu CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma, CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  11. Orbital Floor fracture with Inferior Oblique muscle entrapment- Case Presentation-Dr Princy- CME-2019 Update on Ocular Trauma

  12. Chemical Burn –Management with Amniotic Membrane transplantation– Case presentation- Dr Princy –CME- 2019 by Kozhikode Ophthalmic Society

  13. An Acute presentation of unilateral proptosis with contralateral parotid enlargement- Paper presentation by Dr Shabnam – KSOS 2018

  14. Field defect in dermatochalasis-Paper presentation –Dr Ashra – KSOS 2018

  15. Carcinoma lung presenting as Posterior Scleritis-Poster presentation –Dr. Shabnam- KSOS 2018

  16. Forniceal epithelial inclusion cyst –a benign congenital lesion in a child- Poster presentation – Dr. Mohita- KSOS 2018

  17. Congenital cataract – Case presentation – Dr. Shadiya KOS CME 2019

  18. Diagnostic dilemma- Bilateral corneal ulcer in a new born- Case Presentation- Dr Shareefa- KOS CME 2018

  19. Traumatic Posterior dislocation of Lens- Case Presentation- Dr. Mohita- CME -2019 Update on Ocular Trauma

  20. Phacotopic Glaucoma- Case Presentation- Dr. Farseena-Cal d Scope-KOS CME –Dec 2018

  21. Teachers of tomorrow- pneumatic retinopexy- Dr Anu Bhaskar-Ksos drishti

  22. Traumatic Posterior dislocation of Lens- Case Presentation- Dr. Mohita- CME -2019 Update on Ocular Trauma

  23. Congenital cataract – Case presentation – Dr. Shadiya KOS CME 2019

  24. Traumatic Optic Neuropathy- Dr. Babitha V, CME 2019-Update on OcularTrauma

  25. Corneoscleral Wound repair Techniques- Dr. Jyothi P.T. CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  26. Glaucoma in Trauma- Dr. Ranjini K. CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  27. Extreme Scenarios- Dr. Padma Prabhu CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  28. Primary Evaluation of Ocular Trauma – Dr. Padma B. Prabhu CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma, CME 2019-Update on Ocular Trauma

  29. Orbital Floor fracture with Inferior Oblique muscle entrapment- Case Presentation-Dr Princy- CME-2019 Update on Ocular Trauma

  30. Chemical Burn –Management with Amniotic Membrane transplantation– Case presentation- Dr Princy –CME- 2019 by Kozhikode Ophthalmic Society

  31. Dr. Sandhya: CME by emergency medicine


  1. Dr. Padma B. Prabhu – CME by emergency medicine


  1. Eye vista –December 2019:  Suturing techniques in ophthalmology


  1. Eye vista September 2019 : Low vision aids 


  1.  Association between diabetic retinopathy and diabetic foot disease- Dr. Muthulakshmi –Drishti KSOS 2020


  1. Prevalence of Antenatal and perinatal factors in infantile onset strabismus –Dr Najla K Dristi KSOS 2020


  1. Ocular manifestations of sellar and supra sellar tumors- Dr. Devika Dristi KSOS 2020


  1. Risk factors of ROP among preterm infants- a case control studying a tertiary care center- Dr. Karthiga I Drishti KSOS 2020


  1.  Role of hemoglobin as a predictor of type and severity of retinopathy in type 2 diabetic adults- Dr. Anjali Drishti KSOS 2020


  1. Instruction course on Refraction


  1. Instruction course on Low vision


  1. Instruction course on Visual impairment in Infants – Evaluation and Management –KSOS Drishti 2020 Chief instructor –Dr. Padma B. Prabhu


  1. Visual Development – more than just seeing – Dr. Padma Prabhu KSOS Drishti 2020 

  1. Visual function- Whats normal , whats not – Dr. Charmaine B. Solomon KSOS Dristhi 2020 


  1. Preemie follow up and care- Dr Silni Chandra KSOS Drishti 2020 


  1. Instruction course – Rediscovering the Lost art of refraction- KSOS Drishti  2020 Chief Instructor –Dr Jyothi P.T.


  1. Retinoscopy simplified –Dr. Jyothi P.T. KSOS Dristhi 2020 


  1. Pediatric refraction and spectacle prescription- Dr. Babitha KSOS Drishti 2020 


  1. Digital eye strain- Dr. Ferzana KSOS Drishti 2020 


     50.Instruction course on ocular oncology revisited- Chief instructor Dr      

      Sandhya somasundaran KSOS Drishti 2022


   51 .Instruction course on Innovative instructional tool for interactive        teaching in Ophthalmology- Chief instructor Dr Padma B Prabhu

    52 .Cylindrocarpon corneal ulcer -poster presentation- Dr Aswini


    53. Pediatric case of post traumatic multiple cranial nerve palsy - poster presentation- Dr Nasreen


54 . Correlation of VCDR and DDLS with OCT RNFL in POAG - paper presentation- Dr Shayistha


55 .Unusual cause of bilateral disc edema poster presentation- Dr Pameela


56. Diagnostic dilemma in a case of bilateral necrotizing scleritis with scleromalacia- poster presentation- Dr Lavanya


57. sickle cell retinopathy in healthy sickle cell trait- poster presentation- Dr Diana


58. Anagha poster - Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei of eyelid - poster presentation-Dr Anagha


59. Epibulbar osseous choristoma, Aberrant regeneration of 3rd nerve - poster presentation-Dr Shabeena


60. Uveal Effusion Syndrome : 2 curious cases of defective vision in young females - poster presentation- Dr Akash


61. Retinal macular retinochoroiditis in a sspe patient - poster presentation- Dr Insam


62. Comparison of choroidal thickness in hypertensive patients with healthy individuals using OCT - Paper presentation- Dr Jaimy


63. TOT- subthreshold lasers(Advanced) - Dr Lavanya


64. Silicone oil migration - poster presentation- Dr Sheryl


65 .Post traumatic RAPD - ossifying fibroma - poster presentation- Dr Sreepriya


66 . Instruction course- Tips for triumph in PG exams- chief instructor- Dr Padma B Prabu- Ksos drishti 2023


67 .Instruction course- Theranoustics in uveitis - chief instructor- Dr Prasannakumary C - Ksos drishti 2023


68 . Intraocular pressure variation in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment- paper presentation- Dr Aswathy


69 .Instruction course-Glaucoma management decoded- Ksos drishti - Chief instructor- Dr Ranjini K


70. Ksos statewide quiz for postgraduates- Quiz masters Dr Padma B Prabhu and Dr Ferzana Mohammed .

List of CME 

  • Retinal vascular diseases-2016

  • Update on ocular inflammation 2017

  • Update on Ocular Trauma -2019

  • Neuro-ophthalmology update-2023

Photo Gallery 

CME- Neuro-ophthalmology update- 2023

Faculties of instruction course Ksos Drishti 2023

Faculties of instruction course Ksos Drishti 2023

S Mohandas award in Glaucoma Dr Ferzana

Faculties of instruction course  Ksos Drishti 2022


Update on Ocular Trauma -2019



CME 2019- Faculty & Residents


                           SPOSICON -2022 first prize in quiz Dr Sandhya Somasundaran


Faculties of instruction course 2019 Ksos Drishti C:\Users\GMC\Downloads\2Y8A6241.JPG

Sanctioning of New vehicle for Mobile unit of Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode


School screening camp


  Camp for migrant workers- 3rd February 2019, NGO quarters


Diabetic Retinopathy camp & Exhibition on eye donation -PHC, Kuttiyadi – Eye donation fortnight.2018


First Prize in Poster Competition in Dhristi- State Conference 2017- Dr. Mridula P.M.



Dr. Hasna Hussain secured first prize in PG Gold medal Exam 2018 organized by August Ophthalmica, KSOS



Dr. Parvathy Peethambaran receiving the first prize in KSOS TACO 2018 quiz competition 



Dr. Jincy Mariya Paul receiving the first prize in KSOS TACO 2018 quiz competition


           Poster Presentation –Dr. Mohita – KSOS 2018C:\Users\GMC\Downloads\IMG-20190309-WA0005.jpg



     Dr Detty Jose receiving the first prize in Quiz competition 2021C:\Users\GMC\Desktop\Web site\IMG-20210408-WA0065.jpg