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The Department of Otorhinolaryngology, at Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode is always known for its dedicated services par excellence. Apart from being the main source of dependence for the patients in the north kerala for major ENT surgeries, it is also an everlasting source of information for the seekers of knowledge in ENT ..be in case of clinical resource or academics.. WHO has selected the Dept. of ENT, Govt. Medical College Kozhikode in World Hearing Forum (WHF) for the year 2011-2023 considering the outstanding activities in the field of Ear & amp; Hearing care.

In order to emulate with the needs of the patients functions as 3 distinct units.
ENT 1 provides OP services on Mondays and Thursdays, ENT 2 on Tuesdays and Fridays, and ENT 3 on Wednesdays and Saturdays; the diligent OP care is augmented with a well equipped Procedure room, curtailing the basic immediate need of Syringing, Suction, Position test, Incision & Drainage, Ryle's Tube insertion, Suturing of wounds etc.
The OP diagnostic services  includes the facility of Videolaryngoscopy, Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy & Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy thereby providing a well rounded care for the Patients apart from the clinicopathological services.

Equipments available:

Operating Microscopes with teaching aid, High speed drill in operation theatre

Flexible fibre optic bronchoscope/ nasopharyngolaryngoscope , Rigid Esophagoscopy set

Microlaryngoscopy set, Sinus endoscopy set, Microdebrider for sinus surgeries, coblator, Digital mono & bipolar cautery ,Nerve stimulator/ monitor HD digital camera with recording system, OAE, BERA, Impedance Audiometer ,Pure tone audiometer, Harmonic scalpel, Stroboscope.
Surgeries Done: The three units on their designated OT days provide their cautious and skilled plethora of  services in the form of Tympanoplasties, Septoplasties,  Endoscopic sinus surgeries including extended skull base surgeries, Mastoidectomies, Adenoidectomies, Tonsillectomies, Direct Laryngoscopies, Hypopharyngoscopies, Cochlear Implantations,  Laryngectomies & other oncological procedures; thereby focusing on Diligent Patient Care.


OP Days








Dr. Sunilkumar K P

Dr Surendran K M

Dr.  Suma R 


1. Dr. R T Abdul Salam

2.Dr Sreejith M K

3.Dr Nigil Sreedharan

1.Dr.  Beena Oommen

2.Dr. Nambiar Sapna S

3.Dr. Sagesh M

1.Dr.Abdunnaser M P

2.Dr.Harish (Lecturer) 

3.Dr Shilpa K








Senior Resident

Dr Safa Abdussalam N K

Dr Rijith Salim

Dr Hitha K


Assistant Professor Audiology                      : Mr Sameer P

Audiologist & Speech pathologist       : Mrs Nazleen Mohamed



                                          OUR MISSION 

1. To provide prompt, selfless patient care to all patients with ENT and Head & Neck ailments ensuring utmost commitment and sincerity.

 2. To ensure continuous training for faculty and residents improving surgical skills and academic knowledge from time to time.

3. To achieve state of the art ENT department with all modern facilities providing efficient patient care keeping in mind current guidelines and protocols.  



The department of ENT, Government medical college, Kozhikode began functioning in the year 1959 with Dr Seetha Henry as the Head of the department & Dr Rajamma Rajan as the Assistant professor. The department has grown leaps and bounds under the able guidance and leadership of eminent teachers who were also great leaders, academicians, clinicians and surgeons par excellence.




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Dr Seetha Henry




                                  Dr P Sukumaran


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Dr A K Asokan


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      Dr C G Jayathilakan


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      Dr K C Vijayaraghavan


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                                Dr C A Kurian


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    Dr K Ashok kumar


      C:\Users\ENT PC\Desktop\webpage\PHOTOS\67.jpg

    Dr K Salilkumar


                   C:\Users\ENT PC\Desktop\webpage\PHOTOS\6.jpg

    Dr C J Francis




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  Dr K Ramachandran



Dr P Muraleedharan Nampoothiri



Dr Sunilkumar K P




   Dr. K P Sunilkumar K P  ( MS / DNB ENT)



Dr K M Surendran (MS ENT) Dr. R Suma ( MS ENT)

Dr. BeenaOommen (MS ENT)    



 Dr. R T Abdul Salam (DLO, MS ENT)                                  Dr. Nambiar Sapna S (MS, DNB ENT)   





Dr. Sreejith M K( MS ENT) Dr Abdunnasar M P (MS ENT)

Dr Sagesh M (MS ENT) Dr Nigil Sreedharan                     C:\Users\user\Downloads\PHOTO-2021-10-23-14-25-18.jpg

Dr Shilpa K S (MS ENT)                                    



Dr Harish S (DLO)


 Mr. P Sameer (BSLH,MSc speech &hearing)   Mrs. Nazleen Mohammed(BASLP,MASLP)

F:\MCI-PDF FILE 2016-17\NEW MCI 2016\FACULTY PHOTOS\Mr.P. Sameer..jpgF:\MCI-PDF FILE 2016-17\NEW MCI 2016\FACULTY PHOTOS\Nazlin Mohd.jpg

Current Scenario:

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Govt. Medical College Kozhikode acts as the tertiary referral centre for entire North Kerala and it has been efficiently and successfully providing complete care to all the patients referred with ENT and head and neck ailments. The entire range of surgeries including cochlear implantation, skull base surgeries and head and neck surgeries are being performed on a day to day basis. The department has to its credit the Sruthitarangam programme under KSSM wherein over 240 cochlear implant surgeries have been successfully done with the ongoing programme continuing with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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Presently the department has the full spectrum of patient care for all the ENT and head and neck diseases. The entire range of surgeries in otology, rhinology, laryngology and head and neck surgery are performed and managed on a day to day basis. The department caters to 60 in patients with an average inpatient load of a year. There is an Operation theatre with four operating tables functioning on all six days of the week. There are approximately 3800 - 4000 surgeries performed every year with the emergency surgeries being performed on as required basis. The Operation theatre is well equipped with the latest Zeiss microscopes, complete endoscopy unit, microlaryngoscopy set, microdebrider, coblator to mention a few of the facilities. The outpatient department runs on six days a week with an average OP attendance of 250 -300 patients a day totaling to approximately   75,000   a year.


The department has 12 fully qualified consultants, 3 senior residents, 21 junior residents with 24 hour casualty and 24 hour emergency surgeries being carried out. The senior residents and Assistant professors on contract have hands on experience averaging to 35 – 40 cases per month. The department has progressed with enhancement in all fields including otology, rhinology, laryngology and head and neck surgery. The Vertigo clinic, Voice lab, auditory rehabilitation centre function on a daily basis with procedures like nasal endoscopy, otoendoscopy and videolaryngoscopy done on OP basis.   The department has undergraduate and post graduate training programmes being carried out. It caters to 250 MBBS students and 4 MS and 6 DLO candidates every year. The ongoing training programme includes daily academic activities, bedside clinics, seminars, journal clubs etc. The department has monthly radiology clinic and tumor board discussions enhancing the clinic-pathological and clinico-radiological co-relation. Training for participation in various quiz competitions is given ensuring active participation at State and National level. The post graduates are encouraged and trained in making presentations at CMEs and conferences at National and International level. Over and above these classes are also held for BSc nursing students of Calicut Medical College and other nursing colleges. The training of personnel in National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD) is carried out from time to time increasing awareness on early screening and significance of early treatment including cochlear implant at the right age. Many of the faculty members are holding administrative posts in the College and hospital as Deputy Superintendent, RMO and Assistant Warden. The department also has representation in the AOI State and Malabar chapter as Vice President and Treasurer AOI Kerala State Chapter and President AOI Malabar chapter respectively.


Scope of Surgical Services Provided


  1. Myringotomy and Tympanostomy Tube Placement: This surgery involves making an incision in the eardrum to relieve pressure or drain fluid from the middle ear, often followed by the insertion of small tubes to prevent fluid buildup.

  2. Tympanoplasty: Tympanoplasty is performed to repair a perforated or damaged eardrum and can involve various techniques, such as a myringoplasty (patching the eardrum) or a tympanoplasty with ossicular chain reconstruction.

  3. Ossiculoplasty: Ossiculoplasty is a procedure to repair or reconstruct the ossicular chain in the middle ear, which consists of the three tiny bones (malleus, incus, and stapes). This surgery aims to restore hearing when these bones are damaged or impaired.

  4. Stapedotomy: A stapedectomy is performed to treat otosclerosis, a condition where the stapes bone becomes fixed and cannot transmit sound vibrations. The procedure involves removing the stapes bone and replacing it with a prosthesis.

  5. Mastoidectomy: A mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing infected or damaged mastoid bone in the temporal bone to treat chronic ear infections or cholesteatomas.

  6. Cochlear Implant Surgery: Cochlear implant surgery is performed to implant a device that can provide hearing for individuals with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. It directly stimulates the auditory nerve.

  7. Bone conduction implants like the BAHA and Bone bridge: These are implantable hearing devices used for bilateral external/middle ear deformities, either congenital or acquired preventing the effective use of conventional hearing aids

  8. Labyrinthectomy: Labyrinthectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the inner ear's labyrinth to treat severe vertigo and intractable Meniere's disease.

  9. Lateral Skull Base procedures like Acoustic Neuroma excision, Facial nerve Schwannomas, Glomus tumors. Tumour removal can be done through various surgical approaches. The most commonly used here is the translabyrinthine and retrosigmoid, depending on the tumor's size and location.

  10. Facial Nerve Decompression: This surgery is performed to relieve pressure on the facial nerve caused by tumors, infections, or trauma.

  11. Canal Wall Down (CWD) Mastoidectomy: CWD mastoidectomy involves removing a portion of the ear canal wall to create a larger cavity for better disease control, typically in cases of cholesteatomas.


  1. Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty, also known as a "nose job," is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes the nose for aesthetic purposes or to correct functional issues such as breathing difficulties.

  2. Septoplasty: Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a deviated septum, which can obstruct the nasal passages and cause breathing problems.

  3. Turbinate Reduction (Turbinate Surgery): Turbinate reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of the nasal turbinates, which can become swollen and obstruct nasal airflow, leading to conditions like chronic nasal congestion.

  4. Sinus Surgery (Endoscopic Sinus Surgery): This procedure involves the use of an endoscope to treat conditions like chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and sinus cysts. It aims to improve sinus drainage and alleviate symptoms.

  5. Nasal Polypectomy: Nasal polypectomy is the surgical removal of nasal polyps, which are noncancerous growths that can block the nasal passages and cause congestion.

  6. Nasal Fracture Repair: This procedure is performed to realign and stabilize broken nasal bones after trauma, such as a nasal fracture or injury.

  7. Nasal Cautery: Nasal cautery is a minor procedure that uses heat or chemicals to cauterize and close blood vessels in the nose, often to treat recurrent nosebleeds.

  8. Choanal Atresia Repair: Choanal atresia repair is performed to correct a congenital condition in which the back of the nasal passages is obstructed, typically seen in newborns.

  9. Endoscopic Dacryo-cysto rhinostomy done for patients with continuous watering from the eyes secondary to nasolacrimal duct obstruction.

  10. Adenoidectomy: Adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of the adenoids, which are located in the nasopharynx and can become enlarged, leading to breathing difficulties and other issues.

  11. Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery: Some endoscopic skull base surgeries may involve access through the nose and nasopharynx to treat conditions such as pituitary tumors, meningiomas, or cerebrospinal fluid leaks.

  12. Biopsy: Nasal and nasopharyngeal biopsies are performed to collect tissue samples for diagnostic purposes, such as investigating tumors or abnormal growths


  1. Laryngoscopy: Laryngoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to examine the larynx and vocal cords. It can be performed using either a flexible or rigid endoscope.

  2. Vocal Cord Surgery: This category includes various procedures to treat vocal cord pathologies and improve voice quality. Common surgeries include:

a. Vocal Cord Polypectomy: Removal of vocal cord polyps or nodules. 

b. Vocal Cord Cyst Removal: Excision of cysts that can affect voice quality.

 c. Vocal Cord Injection: Injection of materials (e.g., collagen or fat) to augment the vocal cords for voice improvement. 

d. Vocal Cord Medialization: Medialization procedures are used to correct vocal cord paralysis or insufficiency by repositioning the affected cord.

  1. Microlaryngoscopy: This minimally invasive procedure involves the use of an operating microscope to examine and perform precise surgical interventions on the larynx.

  2. Laryngeal Framework Surgery: Procedures that involve the alteration or reinforcement of the laryngeal framework to address issues like vocal cord paralysis or bowing.

  3. Airway Surgery: Surgical interventions for airway stenosis, laryngeal stenosis, and subglottic stenosis to improve breathing and prevent airway obstruction.


Pediatric Airway Surgeries

  1. Laryngotracheal Reconstruction (LTR): This procedure is used to treat subglottic stenosis, tracheal stenosis, or other airway abnormalities in children. It involves reshaping and enlarging the narrowed airway to improve airflow.

  2. Tracheostomy: A tracheostomy involves creating an artificial airway in the neck to bypass upper airway obstructions, which can be life-saving in cases of severe airway obstruction, neuromuscular disorders, or long-term ventilatory support.

  3. Cricothyrotomy: An emergency procedure that creates a small hole through the cricothyroid membrane to establish a temporary airway in critical situations when other methods are unavailable or unsuccessful.

  4. Endoscopic Airway Evaluation: Various endoscopic techniques, such as flexible naso-pharyngo scopy or rigid video laryngoscopy, are used to visualize and diagnose airway problems in children.

  5. Airway Balloon Dilation: This procedure uses a balloon to dilate narrowed segments of the airway, particularly in cases of laryngotracheal stenosis or tracheal stenosis.

  6. Airway Stent Placement: Stent placement can be necessary in cases of recurrent or severe airway stenosis to maintain airway patency and reduce the risk of restenosis.

  7. Tracheal Resection and Reconstruction: Surgical resection and reconstruction of a portion of the trachea to address severe tracheal stenosis or congenital tracheal abnormalities.

  8. Vocal Cord Injection: Injection of materials into the vocal cords to treat vocal cord insufficiency and improve airway function.

  9. Laryngeal Keel Placement: The placement of a keel in the larynx to support the airway and prevent collapse in certain congenital or acquired conditions.

  10. Saccular Cyst or Diverticulum Surgery: Surgical correction of saccular cysts or diverticula that can obstruct the airway and cause symptoms.

  11. Epiglottoplasty: Surgical reshaping or repair of the epiglottis to alleviate upper airway obstructions, often seen in pediatric laryngomalacia.

  12. Supraglottoplasty: Surgery to address supraglottic airway abnormalities, particularly in cases of laryngomalacia or other supraglottic issues.


Head and Neck Surgeries

  1. Thyroidectomy: Surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland, often to treat thyroid nodules, goiter, or thyroid cancer.

  2. Parathyroidectomy: Removal of one or more of the parathyroid glands to treat hyperparathyroidism, a condition characterized by excess production of parathyroid hormone.

  3. Parotidectomy: Surgery to remove tumors, cysts, or inflamed tissue from the parotid salivary glands located in the cheek area.

  4. Submandibular Gland Surgery: Removal of the submandibular salivary gland to address tumors, stones, or other disorders affecting this gland.

  5. Laryngectomy: Partial or total removal of the larynx (voice box) to treat advanced laryngeal cancer, often resulting in permanent alteration of voice and breathing.

  6. Neck Dissection: Removal of lymph nodes in the neck to treat or stage cancer or other conditions affecting the lymphatic system.

  7. Parapharyngeal Space Tumor Resection: Surgical removal of tumors or lesions that occur in the parapharyngeal space, located behind the throat and jaw.

  8. Tracheostomy: Surgical creation of a tracheostomy (artificial airway) in the neck to manage airway obstruction or support long-term ventilation.

  9. Nasal Fracture Repair: Correction of nasal fractures caused by trauma or injury.

  10. Frontal Sinus Surgery: Procedures to address issues in the frontal sinuses, including treatment of frontal sinusitis and the removal of frontal sinus tumors.

  11. Lymph Node Biopsy: Surgical removal of lymph nodes for diagnostic purposes to assess the presence of infection or cancer.


Centre for Audiology & Speech Pathology (CASP), Dept. of ENT , Government Medical College ,Kozhikode  was inaugurated on Nov 29, 2016 by Smt. K.K Shylaja, Hon. Minister of Health & Family Welfare and Social Justice. It is one of the biggest Audiology and Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) centre for cochlear implant patients among the government medical colleges in the country.This centre caters services to around 22,000 patients annually and WHO has selected the Dept. of ENT, Govt. Medical College Kozhikode in World Hearing Forum (WHF) for the year 2011-2023 considering the outstanding activities in the field of Ear & Hearing care. 



The state-of-the-art centre is spread in 5000 square feet area at the 6th floor of Super Specialty Block .The center was established with a cost of  83 lakh, funded by SID, Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM). We also have advanced equipment of US and Germany make in the field of audiology, such as Two-channel audiometer , Advanced Middle Ear Analyzer,  hearing aid analyzer, real ear measurement, VRA, BERA, ASSR  etc which is the only one of its kind ,as compared to any other medical colleges in Kerala. 


Government Medical college ,Kozhikode has one of the best facilities in terms of infrastructure and manpower in Kerala for hearing care. At CASP, we have six international standard audiology  rooms for hearing evaluation, one each for voice evaluation, conducting hearing aid analysis and trial, and also 4 rooms for speech-language evaluation .Besides these, we also have around 12 rooms to conduct speech therapy/auditory verbal therapy and library with the latest reference books ,to add on to the available facilities.

                                                       IMG20180306092449 (1)

Apart from pediatric cochlear implantation , the centre also offers service to adult cochlear implantees ,who do not come under the government scheme. Hearing aids are distributed to public  free-of-cost to the children up to 18 years through RBSK fund. 2030 hearing aids were distributed with cost totaling around Rs 1,2500000 (One crore twenty five lakh ) and fitted and programmed for children . This is the first and only medical college in Kerala to have conducted the Bone Conduction Implantable surgeries and  fitting for congenital malformation of pinna and external auditory canal.   


To overcome the Covid19 pandemic situation we have also facilitated  online consultation/therapy and also set up 10 Tele-practice rooms with video conference facilities for AVT/Speech therapy. All our CI children have been enrolled for Telepractise and around 1500 online video consultation are offered in a month 


      IMG20200606102656 (2)IMG20200601095615


Cochlear implantation & Speech Therapy


Apart from routine clinical services, 433 Cochlear Implant (CI) surgeries have been performed at Government Medical College ,Kozhikode highest in Government Medical Colleges in Kerala  and among them 371 free surgeries were conducted under Sruthitharangam State Government scheme. GMC-KKD is leading centre of Sruthitharangam cochlear implant program and also for newborn hearing screening . 

IMG-20180303-WA0026 (1)         Choclear news in Metrovaatha 12th page





Number of free hearing aids distribution  

Number of Cochlear Implantation 

Average  number of hearing-impaired children attending free therapy   






























*Shifted to respective DEIC, District Hospitals 

Services offered at CASP :   


Hearing Evaluation

Tinnitus Evaluation 

Speech-Language Evaluation (Children & Adult)

Speech-Language Therapy(Children & Adult) 

Hearing Aid Verification and Fitting 

Cochlear Implant Candidacy Selection 

Post-implant switch-on and mapping

Cochlear Implant care and maintenance   

Auditory Verbal Therapy 

Voice Evaluation and Voice therapy  

Hearing Aid Analyzer and quality certification 

Hearing and Speech Disability evaluation

Online consultation /therapy 

Orientation programs /Public Awareness   




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  3.  Safa Abdussalam N K, Sunilkumar K P, Swathilal S A. Implications of Radiological parameters in Round window approach in Cochlear implantation. International Journal of Pharmaceutical & Clinical Research 2023.



  1. Dr R Suma - A Clinical study of visual loss in diabetic patients caused by Fungal sinusitis- World diabetic congress 2011 December held at Dubai organised by international diabetes federation.

  2. Dr R Suma - A Clinical study of Fungal sinusitis in diabetic patients presenting with ophthalmologic complications- World Diabetic Congress 2013 Dec. Held at Melbourne exhibition & convention centre, Melbourne, Australia.

  3. Dr R Suma - Prevalence of sensorineural hearing loss in patients with diabetes mellitus- World diabetic congress 2015

  4. Dr R Suma - Covid associated Mucormycosis (CAM)-an epidemic during the pandemic –at American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting on 17 Nov 2021

  5. Dr R Suma - Received Dr.I.S.Gupta gold medal for the best senior consultant award paper in National Conference of Rhinology society of India, Rhinocon 2015 held at Bareilly

  6. Mr Sameer Pootheri - Presented online poster presentation on Barriers of Early Cochlear Implantation in Kerala   at the 2022 EHDI Annual Conference Cincinnati, OH ,USA    

  7. Mr Sameer Pootheri - Attended First Assembly of  World Hearing Forum (WHF ) of WHO  at  Geneva, on December 2 - 5th  , 2019


Research programmes carried out in the department are as under :-


  1. Deep neck space infections- an analysis of etiology and risk factors for complications.

  2. A comparative study on early postoperative complications after primary and salvage total laryngectomy.

  3. Fungal rhinosinusitis- a clinical study.



  1. Prevalence and audiological characteristics of occupational noise induced hearing loss among industrial workers in Calicut.

  2. Outcome of paediatric cochlear implants.



  1. Early carcinoma tongue- proportion of occult metastasis and disease free survival at 1 year.

  2. Sequelae of ventilation tube insertion in children with otitis media with effusion.

  3. Comparative study on outcome of type 1 tympanoplasty by conventional and endoscopic methods.



  1. Outcome of transnasal endoscopic repair in CSF rhinorrhoea- a prospective study.

  2. Tuberculosis of head and neck- clinico-epidemiological presentation and outcome of treatment – a clinical study

  3. Audiological profile in auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders- a descriptive study



  1. Headache due to sinonasal pathology and effect on headache after endoscopic sinus surgery



  1. Aetiological profile of patients with acquired lower motor neuron facial paralysis in the ENT department of a tertiary care centre. 


  3. Factors responsible for poor outcome in pediatric cochlear implantation

  4. Risk factors and microorganisms associated with otitis media with effusion in children 

  5. Descriptive study of clinical presentation, management and outcomes in patients with foreign body nose in a tertiary care centre 

  6. Prevalence of hearing loss in babies with neonatal hyperbilirubinemia in teritiary care centre north kerala



  1. A study to evaluate the clinical profile and management of upper airway causes of stridor in pediatric patients 

  2. Etiological diagnosis in patients of conductive hearing loss with an intact tympanic membrane using clinical,audiological,radiological association 

  3. Anatomical variants in the osteomeatal complex among patients with chronic rhinosinusitis  

  4. Agreements between preoperative high resolution computed tomography findings with intraoperative surgical findings in chronic otitis media - squamous disease

  5. The Epidemiology and risk factors for recreational noise exposure induced hearing damage among adults

  6. Etiopathological diagnosis in patients with unilateral nasal mass



Head and neck live cadaver dissection workshop (2007)

Endoscopic sinus surgery workshop(2007)

Audiology workshop(2007)

Laryngology live cadaver demonstration workshop(2008)

 National conferences

Ongoing Annual conference for Post graduates with case presentation and OSCE training by eminent faculty members from the country.

1. CALMED 2016 (9 & 10 January)   2 .CALMED 2017 (1 &2 April)

C:\Users\ENT PC\Desktop\webpage\PHOTOS\IMG-20171130-WA0034.jpg 


C:\Users\ENT PC\Desktop\webpage\PHOTOS\IMG-20171130-WA0043.jpg

Radiology Update : Unwinding the cochlea 




4. CALMED ENT 2023


Papers presented :


Pathophysiology of Chronic Otitis Media : Dr P Muraleedharan Nampoothiri

2. AOIMIDCON 2017 Kasturba Medical College Mangaluru

Tips and tricks of stapedectomy :  Dr P Muraleedharan Nampoothiri


Endoscopic Stapedectomy Dr Abdul Salaam R T 


Vertigo: The Otorhinolaryngologist’s perspective   Dr Nambiar Sapna S


Endoscopic Myringoplasty Dr Abdul Salaam R T 

Local Anaesthesia in ENT Dr Nambiar Sapna S 

Techniques of surgical/open tracheostomy Dr Divya G M


Proptosis : The ever expanding ENT Spectrum   Dr Nambiar Sapna S

7. KIMS Laryngology Update 2016

Techniques of surgical/open tracheostomy Dr Divya G M

8. AHEAD at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi 2016

           Evaluation of a thyroid nodule  Dr Divya G M

9. RHINOCON 28TH Annual Conference of All India Rhinology Society 2015

           CSF Rhinorrhoea Dr Suma R

           Unilateral Sinonasal disease: A diagnostic challenge Dr Nambiar Sapna S




Dr I.S. Gupta Gold Medal for best senior consultant paper: Dr R Suma

Annual Indian Speech and hearing Association Conference 2018 Mysuru Karnataka

Prof. R K Oza Oration Award in Audiology  Mr P Sameer


1. KENTCON 2014(AOI state conference)

           1st prize      Dr Nayana  & Dr Vijeyta

2. South zone 2014

           1st prize      Dr Nayana  & Dr Vijeyta

3. KENTCON 2015( AOI state conference)

         3rd prize       Dr Shalini Kurian & Dr Manu S

4. AOI Malabar Annual Meet 2015

           1st prize     Dr Nayana &  Dr Faisal 

 5. KENTCON 2017( AOI state conference)

           1st prize     Dr Nittu Thomas & Dr Slimcy Shylen

           2nd prize    Dr Dilna N & Dr Shilpa Nair

6. AOI Peripheral Meet 2017

            1st prize     Dr Nittu Thomas & Dr Slimcy Shylen

7. AOI Malabar Annual Meet 2017

           1st prize     Dr Shalini Kurian and Dr Dilna N

           2nd prize    Dr Bineesh W and Dr Leena Ibrahim

8.  AOI Midterm 2017 

           1st prize     Dr Dilna N & Dr Shilpa Nair

           2nd prize     Dr Nittu Thomas & Dr Slimcy Shylen

9. 12. Global Convention on Safe sound 2019

          2nd  prize - Dr safa abdul salam

10.KENTCON 2021-

   2nd prize- Dr safa abdul salam, Dr Mikhina Valsaraj

11. KENTCON 2022

            - 3rd prize- Dr Krithika 

             - (4th)- Dr Hitha , Dr Surya

12.South zone AOICON 2022

             - Participation- dr krithika

13. Malabar  ent con 2023      

             1 st prize- Dr Shabeeha , dr hitha

            2nd prize- dr Bibin baby , dr keerthi

PG Paper 

1. KENTCON 2013(AOI state conference)

      PG case report -Dr Ashok Kumar Gold Medal

        Dr Neethu Chandran   : Infratemporal synovial sarcoma

2. KENTCON 2014( AOI state conference)

       PG paper 2nd prize:  Dr Silpa SP : Recurrent meningitis – a cure possible?

3. KENTCON 2014(AOI state conference)

        PG case report 2nd prize: Dr Nayana : A tale of an enigmatic stridor

4. AIIMS 2016

       PG poster 1st prize    :Dr Leena Ibrahim: Role of vit D in skullbase osteomyelitis

5.AOI Peripheral meet 2016

PG Paper 1st prize: Dr Manu S: Comparative study on early postoperative          complications following primary versus salvage total laryngectomy

                 2nd prize: Dr Sebina Francis : A clinical study on spontaneous CSF rhinorrhoea

5. KENTCON 2017(AOI state conference)

     PG paper   1st prize:   Dr Dilna N : Early carcinoma tongue- Proportion of occult metastasis and disease free survival at 1 year

                         2nd prize : Dr Shilpa Nair: The Versatile flap

                         3rd prize : Dr Nittu Thomas: Endoscopic management of JNA – a clinical study

6. KENTCON 2017

     PG case report 2nd prize: Dr Slimcy Shylen : One Great Big Eye 

7. AOI Peripheral meet 2017

     PG paper   1st prize:  Dr Hafeefa Abdul Nazeer: The Hidden Invader

                        2nd prize: Dr Sai Surya: In the midst of unexpected

8. Malabar Chapter 2017

     PG Paper   1st prize: Dr Shilpa Nair: The Versatile flap

                        2nd prize: Dr Slimcy Shylen

9. KENTCON 2018

      PG case series - Dr safa abdul salam 

10. SZENTCON 2019

     PG Paper – paper presentation by Dr safa abdul salam

11. TELYENT 2019


                          3rd prize - Dr safa abdul salam

13.Global conference on Safe Sound in 2019

           Dr safa abdul salam  participated 

14. MENTOS 2019

      PG PAPER – 1st prize - Dr safa abdul salam

16.KMCT Otofest 2020- - Dr safa abdul salam participated

17.KENTCON 2021

       PAPER PRESENTATION- Dr Krithika-granulomatous lesion causing skull base

osteomyelitis- a rare presentation

18. MAGENTA 2021-


                                             - Dr Surya- Unusual invader of mastoid

19. KENTCON 2022

     PG Paper presentation- Dr Shabeeha , dr keerthi -, An uncommon intruder of nasal                   

                                                              cavity-On fibrous dysplasia. 

                                          -dr bibin baby -congenital vocal cord cleft- 

                                       -  dr fathima hanna

                                      -Dr Midhuna k-A different approach to parapharyngeal tumor

                                      - Dr Haritha k

    PG CASE SERIES-  Dr Surya- Translabyrinthine approach for vestibular schwannoma - our experience


             PG Paper presentation- Dr Hitha- .A case report on choanal atresia

                                                     - Dr Surya- Unusual invader of mastoid


   PG Paper presentation – Dr Midhuna k-exploring the bottom of iceberg – an approach to an uncommon intruder – the glomus jugulare

                             - Dr Deepika , 

                             -Dr Vaishnavi Sreeram-pediatric subglottic stenosis – our experience

                           -Dr Yashitha ,

                         - Dr Akhila albert

22. PHONOCON 2023 –

     PG Paper presentation- Dr Vaishnavi Sreeram- pediatric subglottic stenosis – our experience



1. KENTCON 2022

                   - 1st prize – Dr Hitha- Conductive Hearing Loss- need to think out of the box

                   - 2nd prize- Dr Surya- Precarious looping in oropharynx

                   - participation-Dr Krithika- surgical management of laryngomalacia

                                          -Dr Vaishnavi Sreeram-laryngeal web – laser a better tool

2. AOI MID TERM CONFERENCE 2022-Dr Fathima hanna

3. PHONOCON 2023 – Participation – Dr bibin baby- congenital vallecular cyst



Dr Surya- A rare but important differential diagnosis for an oropharyngeal mass - in

Journal : Otolaryngology case reports 2022


Qualified for the final round examination-- Dr Safa abdul salam

  • Temporal bone workshop in 2019-BEST DISSECTOR- Dr Safa abdul salam

  • Participation  in hands-on temporal bone dissection work shop 2023 @ Pushpagiri institute Of medical sciences- Dr Krithika




  • Conducted medical camps for hearing assessment and provided hearing aids and other rehabilitations for the needed.

  • Conducted awareness programs regarding Safe Hearing practises in tie with the WHO  

  • Dr R Suma was a member of Comprehensive Primary Health care programme of Kerala Government in the preparation of Trainer’s module for ENT diseases

  • Dr R Suma was actively involved in training of doctors as a part of National Programme for prevention and control of deafness ( NPPCD )