Department Details


1) Dr. N.V.U. Warrier
2) Dr. Ramachandran
3) Dr. P.S.Sundaram
4) Dr. K.P.Govindan
5) Dr.V.Achuthan
6) Dr. C.Ravindran
7) Dr. A.K.Abdul Khader
8) Dr. P.T.James
9) Dr.T.P.Rajagopal

Sl No. Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. T P Rajagopal Professor & Head
2 Dr. K P Suraj Professor
3 Dr. Anandan P T Associate Professor
4 Dr. Jyothi E Associate Professor
5 Dr. Sunny George AdditionalProfessor
6 Dr. Mohamed Musthafa A Associate Professor
7 Dr.Anand M Associate Professor
8 Dr. Safreena Mohamed N Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Paulo Varghese Akkara Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Mini Garg Assistant Professor






  • Fourth Semester Clinical Posting
  • Sixth Semester theory classes
  • Internship Training
  • Seminars
  • Radiology Club
  • Clinical Club
  • Journal Club
  • Faculty Lecture
  • Guest Lecture
  • Mortality Clinic
  • DM Pulmonary Medicine (KUHS – 1 seat)
  • M.D. Pulmonary Medicine (KUHS – 4 seats)
  • DTCD (Diploma in TB & Chest Diseases)( KUHS – 3 seats)
  • DRT (Diploma in Respiratory Therapy)( DME - 4 seats)
  • 1. PG Update and CME in Pulmonary Medicine - 27-28 October 2017 at Institute of Chest Diseases
  • 2. Government Medical College Diamond Jubilee CME and Workshop on Polysomnography - 26 March 2017 at Institute of Chest Diseases
  • 1. Pulmocon – 18th Annual Conference and National Update of the Academy of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (APCCM) – 21,22 May 2016 at Hotel Taj Gateway, Kozhikode
  • 2. One Day Workshop on Polysomnography – 27 March 2016
  • 1. ICD Silver Jubilee CME Series – 1-7 November 2015
  • 2. CME and Workshop on Lung Ultrasonography – 19 March 2015

To view the list of post graduates from 1981 onwards

  • Free Paper presentation 1st Price​​- Dr. C.B. Sreeja.C.B
  • Quiz 1st Prize ​​​​​- Dr. Shone P James
  • Clinical Case Presentation 1st Price​​- Dr. Amrutha .M
  • Quiz 1st Prize ​​​​​- Dr.Sreeja.C.B
  • Quiz 1st Prize ​- Dr.Rakhi.R
  • Quiz 2nd Prize ​- Dr.Sreeja.C.B
  • Quiz 3rd Prize - ​Dr.Jasna.V
  • Poster Discussion 2nd Proce​​​ - Dr. Lisha.P.V
  • Best paper for Innovative Research ​​- Dr. Shone P James
  • Fee paper Presentation - Critical care 1st Price​- Dr. Rakhi.R
  • Fee paper Presentation - Critical care 1st Price​- Dr. Sreeja. C.B
  • Fee paper 1st Price (Lung Cancer)​​- Dr. Gayathri.M
  • Fee paper 2nd Price ​​​​- Dr. Vinu.M.K
  • Fee paper 3rd Price ​​​​- Dr. Rajathilakam
  • 1st Price ​​​​​- Dr. Gayathri.M, Dr.Noufal
  • 1st Price ​​​​​- Dr. Gayathri.M

Dr JC Kothari Young Scientist award in NAPCON National conference in Pulmonary Medicine

First prize: Dr.Ron Johny
Second prize: Dr.Laila Najeeb
Third prize: Dr.Soumya VK
First prize for free paper presentation: Dr Baranitharan
1) WHO fellowship 1991- Dr N V U Warrier & Dr K P Govindan
2) Saroj jyothi Award for best paper 1999 – Dr K M Remeshchandradra Babu
3) Junior Research Scientist Award NAPCON 2004 – Dr Rejna Sreedhar & Dr.Abdul Nazar T
4) Second best paper award NAPCON 2004 – Dr Sanjeev Kumar M
5) Best paper award APCCM 2005 Second prize – Dr Sajeev Kumar.P
6) Respiratory Foundation National Medical Quiz 2005, First prize – Dr Mohanan C M
7) J C Kothari Award 2007, First Prize – Dr.Sethu Babu, Second Prize – Dr Anoop M P
8 ) J C Kothari Award 2008, First Prize – Dr Deepa Sarma
9) NCCP Young Scientist Award 2008 –Dr. Jithesh A K
10) J C Kothari Award 2008, Dr.Deepa Sarma
11) State TB Conference Award 2009 – Dr.Padmavathy.R
12) State TB Conference Award 2009 – Dr.Nithya Haridas
13)J C Kothari Award 2009, First Prize – Dr.Lisha P.V
14)Napcon-2009 Award Paper, Second Prize – Dr.Jaffer Basheer
15)Midrespicon 2009 Free Paper Award, First Prize – Dr.Lisha.P.V


CALICUT – 673008,
Phone: 0495 2359645
Fax: 0495 2350532
Website: www.chest.calicutmedicalcollege.ac.in
E-mail: icdcgmc@gmail.com


  • Journal of Respiratory science published from the Institute of chest diseases

Ongoing and completed research work:

1. Outcomes of tuberculous pleural effusion and risk factors for poor out comes - an ​observational study - Dr.Sreeja. C.B
Guide - Dr. Santhosh Kumar. P.V
Co – Guide – Dr. Safreena Mohammed.N
2. Efficacy of endobronchial Argon Plasma Coagulation in the management of hemoptysissecondary to intraluminal lesions. Dr .Shone P James
Guide- Dr. K.P. Suraj
Co guide - Dr. Jyothi.E
3. Outcome of adenocarcinoma lung patients treated with Gefitinib - Dr. Rakhi. R
Guide – Dr. K. P. Suraj
Co- Guide – Dr. T.Ajayakumar , HOD , Radiotherapy
4. Clinico radiological profile of drug resistant tuberculosis – Dr. Priya Jayarajan
Guide – Dr. T.P. Rajagopal
Co-Guide - Dr. Mohamed Musthafa. A, Dr. Noufal Perumpalath
5. Diagnostic utility of Lung ultrasonogram in comparison with HRCT in connective tissue disease associated interstitial lung disease – Dr. Lisha.P.V
Guide – Dr.T.P.Rajagopal
Co guide – Dr. Rajendran , Dr.Safreena Mohamed.N
6. Predictive factors for the outcome of tube thoracostomy in empyema – Dr.Amrutha
Guide – Dr.T.P.Rajagopal
Co guide – Dr. Mohammed Musthafa.A
7. Overlap Syndrome Among OSA Patients – Dr..Jyothi Reshma S
Guide – Dr.P.V. Santhosh Kumar
Co-guide – Dr. Sunny George
8. Comparison of diagnostic yield of rigid and semi rigid thoracoscopy in undiagnosed pleural effusion - Dr. Bushna Bavumon
Guide- Dr.T.P.Rajagopal​
Co-guide – Dr. Anand. M
9. Factors influencing bronchiectasis exacerbation – a prospective study Dr. Mahroofa. E.V​​
Guide – Dr. Anandan. P.T ​​
Co guide- Dr. Paulo Varghese Akkara
10. Clinic pathological profile of bronchogenic carcinoma in adult female.Dr.Archana. P
Guide- Dr.T.P.Rrajagopal
Co guide-Dr.Safreena Mohamed.N
11. Diagnostic Efficacy Of Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase To Pleural Fluid Adenosine Deaminase In Malignant Pleural Effusion - Dr. Saeedah. M. T
Guide - Dr. K. P. Suraj
Coguide - Dr. M. Anand

1. P.T Anandan: Clinical profile of patients undergoing Fibreoptic bronchoscopy in a tertiary care setting; 2003-2005
2. Sudin Koshy: Pleuropulmonary manifestations of Rheumatoid arthritis A clinical study; 2003-2005
3. Abdul Nazar: Profile of lung diseases among adult smokers a prospective clinical study; 2003-2005
4. Sanjeev Kumar.M: Pulmonary manifestations in HIV infected patients-A clinical study; 2003-2005
5. Sajeev Kumar.P: Analysis of treatment failure in RNTCP-a follow up study; 2003-2005
6. Dhanya: Prevalence of Tuberculosis in collagen vascular diseases-A clinical study; 2004-2006
7. Safreena Mohammed: Transthoracic Needle Aspiration in peripheral lung lesion; 2004-2006
8. Hari Lakshmanan.P: Polysomnographic evaluation of patients with features suggestive of Sleep Disordered Breathing ; 2004-2006
9. Reena G: Efficacy and outcome of Category III DOTS under RNTCP-a prospective clinical study; 2004-2005
10.Durga Balagopalan: PEFR monitoring in asthma patients before and after administering inhaled steroids for three follow ups a prospective study; 2004-2005
11.Anoop M.P: Clinical Profile of persons attending the smoking clinic of Institute of Chest Diseases A prospective study
12.MoyinKutty: ECG abnormalities in COPD patients during acute exacerbations-A prospective clinical study 2005-2006
13.Sethu Babu: Correlation between Epworth Sleepiness Score and severity of OSA; 2005-2007
14.Binuraj:Clinical profile non resolving Pneumonia
15.Baiju.S:Clinical and pathological profile of lung cancer in females
16.Arun.P:Analysis of cephalometry in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
17.Sijith.K.R:Screening of smokers for early detection of COPD- A Clinical Study
18.Deepa Sharma.M.S:Prediction of Treatment outcome of COPD exacerbation-An observational study
19.Anoop.M.P: Comparison of treatment outcome for cessession of smoking in subjects treated with bupropion, nicotine replacement therapy or combinatin of both.
20.Durga Balagopal: Clinical and lab parameters in COPD patients during acute exacerbation and their influence on treatment outcome An observational study
21.Krishnakumar.E.V: Correlation between essential hypertension, obesity & sleep apnoea and hypopnoea syndrome
22.Muraly.C.P:Comparison of treatment outcome with CAT-I & CAT-III DOTS in lymphnodeTubercolosis An open labeled randomized clinical study
23.Divya.R: Study comparing the efficacy and side effect profiles of inhaled cortico steroids : ciclesonide & fluticasone in patients with moderate persistent asthma
24. Lisha.P.V: Evaluation of new smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients five
year after initiation of treatment after dots programme.
25. Nithya Haridas: Utility of medical thoracoscopic pleural biopsy Vs Closed pleural biopsy in undiagnosed exudative pleural effusion – A randomized control study.
26. Bodhi Sunny: Usefulness of AntiTB IgM in the diagnosis of smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis.
27.Paulo Varghese Akkara: Cardio vascular implications in diagnosed cases of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome.
28.Elizabeth Sunila C X: The clinical profile and outcome of patients admitted with hemoptysis to a tertiary care setting.
29. Jose J Mundiyani: HRCT and DLCO Co-rrelation in IPF.
30.Mohammed Musthafa: Clinical and Radiological pattern of resolution of CAP.


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